Lafayette College Fraternity & Sorority Ceremonies & Ritual Registration Application

This form shall be used in notifying the director of Fraternity/Sorority Life and Public Safety of ritual events. Notification of an event does not indicate College approval. The purpose of this notification is to ensure that ritual events are carefully planned, do not conflict with other events, and to remind the fraternal organization of its responsibilities under Ritual Policy, College Policy and state law. All Ritual Notification Forms shall be filed in accordance with the Lafayette College Ritual Guidelines.

Section I: There shall be up to four rituals conducted per semester in which new member education takes place. More specifically, rituals shall be held on Bid Day, Initiation, mid new member education, and post new member education. Please note that the ritual during new member education is strongly encouraged, however, it is not mandatory that this ritual be used during the new member education process. Requests for additional rituals must be approved by the director of Fraternity/Sorority Life. Rituals must be registered at least five days before the ritual will be conducted.

Section II: Rituals during semesters that include new member education shall not exceed 6 hours in length. During semesters in which new member education does not take place, a total of eight hours of ritual time will be allotted to each chapter. This eight hour block of time is to be used at the chapter’s discretion. If required, an extension of time may be petitioned on a case-by-case basis. Requests must be made to director of Fraternity/Sorority Life with an explanation as to why the extension is necessary.

Section III: Only members (including alumni) and invited guests may enter or exit the house while a ritual is in progress.

Section IV: Under no circumstances is alcohol allowed as part of a ritual.

Section V: It is recommended that signs be placed on exterior doors, indicating that a ritual is in progress. Public Safety must be notified upon the conclusion of a ritual.

Section VI: Any violations of this policy may  be adjudicated by the College administration.



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Please be sure to contact Public Safety, x5330, upon completion of every ritual!