Andrew O’Brien '14 DKE President and Daniel Toutoungi '14 DKE Treasurer with the NIC President Pete Smithisler at FuturesQuest

Over the 2012 Winter Interim, Andrew O’Brien ’14 Delta Kappa Epsilon (president) and Daniel Toutoungi ’14 Delta Kappa Epsilon (treasurer) attended a three day conference in Indiana called the Jon Williamson Futures Quest. Read the full story…

Futures Quest is a unique experience that provides new fraternity members with an experience that is broader than their own chapter.  At Futures Quest, participants will learn new skills related to ethical decision making and problem solving, conflict management, values integration, and effectively taking risks. All of this is then correlated to the pivotal role that fraternal values play in both leadership and being a fraternity man. At Futures Quest, we strive to answer the question of what does it mean to lead a fraternity and then provide the skills necessary to make that vision a reality.

Futures Quest is a three day program in December and January that targets new fraternity men from across the country.  Two sessions will be held at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana during the dates of December 17-19, 2011 and January 5-7, 2012.