Congratulations to the nine Fraternity and Sorority members for their selection and contribution to the Lafayette College Kaleidoscope Social Justice Peer Education Program. The Kaleidoscope social justice peer education group encourages student leaders to take an active role in campus education with issues of multiculturalism, equity and social justice. Read more….
Fraternity and Sorority Kaleidoscope Peer Educators and Staff

Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity: Evan Gooberman Facilitator/Liasion 2013
Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority: Jessica London Facilitator 2013
Delta Delta Delta Sorority: Jenny Mena Programmer 2014
Pi Beta Phi Sorority: Kayani Facey Facilitator 2014
Delta Gamma Sorority: Gabrielle Bissell Facilitator 2014
Delta Upsilon Fraternity: Gregory Troutman FS Liasion 2013
Delta Delta Delta Sorority: Stephanie Silva FS Liasion 2013
Delta Gamma Sorority: Dena Inqui Landis Liaison 2013
Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority: Julia Manacher FS Liasion 2014

Each spring semester, the Lafayette community is asked to recommend dynamic students who have the intellectual capacity, leadership potential and demonstrated commitment to advancing social justice to become SCOPEs with the Kaleidoscope program. Students who are recommended by faculty, staff and other students attend information sessions, submit applications and go through an intensive interview process before being selected for the prestigious team. SCOPEs are trained at the beginning of each fall semester and participate in ongoing development to understand the complexities of a range of diversity issues. They are also trained in facilitation and leadership skills.