Fifty States of Grey!

“You are always wearing your Letters!”

Election night 2012, Lafayette will produce a student-run live broadcast. Become a fan to keep up with election news, highlights and the broadcast. 17 Lafayette College Fraternity and Sorority leaders take on leadership of the Project!

On November 6, Lafayette will once again host its live, student-run election night broadcast. This two-hour show, which will include the work of more

Alexa Ikeler ~ Delta Gamma

than 100 students, will share up-to-the-minute information on the races for the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives to audiences on campus and across the United States.
The “command central” for the broadcast is an economics course with 35 students taught by Mark Crain, Simon Professor of Political Economy and chair of policy studies. The class will hold production meetings, plan content, and create the structure to manage the broadcast

Austin Denesuk Pi Beta Phi  C0-Producer
Carolyn DeMeo Kappa Kappa Gamma Social Media & Marketing Team You Tube
Jessica Ryan Alpha Gamma Delta Co-Director
Nicole Christie Delta Gamma Line Producer
Taylor Dougherty Delta Delta Delta Stage Manager
Lauren Puhala Pi Beta Phi Event Night Manager
Gina Morrone Alpha Phi 140 or Less Social Media Desk Co-Anchor
Anne Kaplan Delta Delta Delta Associate Producer of Live Content
Melanie Coffin Kappa Kappa Gamma Social Media & Marketing Team – Twitter
Wesley von Dassow Delta Upsilon GIS Mapping Director
Kirk Massie Zeta Psi Election Forecasting Competition Director
Alexa Ikeler Delta Gamma 140 or Less Social Media Desk Co-Anchor
Matthew Koos Zeta Psi Political Desk Anchor
Madeline Laskoski Alpha Gamma Delta Co-Anchor
Alison Dally Delta Gamma Co-Producer
Alexander Charchalis Zeta Psi Co-Anchor

Alex Charchalis ’15 Zeta Psi , left, and Maddie Laskoski ’13 Alpha Gamma Delta

Austin Denesuk ~ Pi Beta Phi

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