Lafayette FS Members take active roles in our student cappella vocal groups. The ensembles perform at numerous events on campus and in Easton, including this years Parent and Family Weekend concert. Cadence often performs with Lafayette’s male a cappella group, The Chorduroys, the co-ed a cappella group Soulfege, and other College performance ensembles. View and share more images of Lafayette cappella performance at Parent and Family Weekend on Flickr

Cadence an All-Female student cappella vocal group

Victoria Moscato Alpha Gamma Delta
Annie Groves Alpha Gamma Delta
Maggie Kramer Delta Gamma
Lauren Greenfeld Alpha Phi
Kate Warren Alpha Phi
Rachel Gonnella Pi Beta Phi

Chorduroys an All-Male student capella vocal group

Thomas Munson Delta Upsilon
Nevin Whalley Delta Upsilon
Colin Stahlkrantz Delta Kappa Epsilon
Hamish MacPhail Phi Kappa Psi

Soulfege coed student capella vocal group

Amanda Scherb Alpha Phi
Lauren Hinkel Kappa Kappa Gamma
Joe Tumulty Delta Upsilon
William Rockafellow Phi Kappa Psi