Lafayette College Sorority and Fraternity Community Welcomes 28 Swim and Dive Team members for the 2012 season! Check out the upcoming schedule.. “You are always wearing your Letters!” We are Proud of you and wish you a good season!

Lafayette Sorority and Fraternity Members
2012-2013 Women’s and Men’s Swim and Dive Team

Sorority Women Events Affiliation
Allie Berger ’15 Free Delta Gamma
Lauren Berry ’14 Free Alpha Phi
Arielle Blumenthal ’13 Diving Alpha Gamma Delta
Kelly Caggainello ’13 Breast/IM Kappa Kappa Gamma
Alexandria Castaldo ’14 Back/IM Alpha Phi
Carolyn DeMeo ’14 Fly/Free Kappa Kappa Gamma
Kate Durkan ’14 Free Alpha Phi
Aimee Edwards ’14 Back Alpha Phi
Abby Floyd-Jones ’14 Back/Free Kappa Kappa Gamma
Danielle Fontaine ’14 Free Alpha Gamma Delta
Jackie Fonteyne ’13 Free Pi Beta Phi
Molly Gondolf ’14 Free/IM Kappa Kappa Gamma
Julia Harris ’13 Free Delta Delta Delta
Megan Kaveney ’14 Free/Fly Alpha Phi
Jackie Korey ’14 Breast Alpha Phi
Ashley Kunow ’14 Free Alpha Gamma Delta
Jane Kuntz ’14 Fly/IM Alpha Phi
Sydney Pahmer ’14 Back Delta Gamma
Andrea Parish ’14 Free/Breast Alpha Phi
Dana Purdy ’13  Breast/IM Alpha Phi
Laura Savattieri ’13 Fly/Free Kappa Kappa Gamma
Kathryn Schaefer ’14 Free Delta Delta Delta
Men’s Fraternities Events Affiliation
Joshua Hitchings ’14 Fly/IM Phi Kappa Psi
Matthew Iassongna ’14 Free Phi Kappa Psi
Daniel Ladd ’13 Back/Free Delta Kappa Epsilon
Evan Newbold ’13 Back/Fly Phi Kappa Psi
Stephen Schappert ’14 Free Phi Kappa Psi
Nate Witmer ’14 Breast/IM Phi Kappa Psi

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“Looking back at that moment and others, my LAF experience has been enriched by two things: my involvement in my sorority and competition in athletics. While these might seem to be different activities, they have both taught me how to lead by example and how to work with a variety of people.”