Joseph Tumulty ’14 Delta Upsilon is an EXCEL Scholar and physics major. He will collaborate and  collect data from the Arecibo telescope by observing 18 pulsars once a month. Joe hopes to do graduate work in astrophysics. “Through this project I have learned a great deal about the subject of our research, as well as the tools of a researcher, such as programming and operating giant radio telescope receivers.  This experience will be a great supplement to my education and career in one way or another.” Read the full story…….  

Delta Upsilon (ΔΥ)is the sixth oldest international, all-male, college Greek-letter organization, and is the oldest non-secret fraternity in North America. Founded on November 4, 1834, at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Lafayette College Chapter was founded on May 30th, 1885.

The Fraternity’s motto is “Dikaia Upotheke” in Greek – “Δικαια Υποθηκη” – which means “Justice, Our Foundation.” The motto was adopted in 1858. Until this time, the motto of the Williams Chapter, “Ouden Adelon” – meaning “Nothing Secret,” was used.

“The objects of this Fraternity shall include the promotion of friendship, the exertion of moral influence, the diffusion of liberal culture, and the advancement of equity in college affairs. It shall be non-secret.

The current text of the Four Founding Principles is:

  • The Promotion of Friendship
  • The Development of Character
  • The Diffusion of Liberal Culture
  • The Advancement of Justice