Four FS members have been invited to present their reseancurfrontpagerch at the 27th National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) April 11-13 at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Read the full story….

The following is the list of Fraternity and Sorority members invited to this year’s conference along with their proposed project titles and faculty research advisers.

FS Member Affiliation Presentation Faculty
Rachel Davidson ’13 Alpha Phi “Savings and Insurance: Missing Pieces of the Microfinance Puzzle” David Stifel, associate professor of economics and chair of international affair
Tracy McFarlan ’13 Alpha Gamma Delta “The Identity Crisis of Alsace-Lorraine” Robert Weiner, Jones Professor of History
Alyssa Usoskin ’13 Alpha Gamma Delta “Bittersweet Memories: How High School Graduation Fits into Autobiographical Memory” Jennifer Talarico, assistant professor of psychology
Paul Hadzewycz ’13 Delta Upsilon “Is Georgia ‘European?’ A Critical Analysis of Integration Efforts” Katalin Fabian, associate professor of government and law

All of the students have worked with a faculty member through the College’s honors thesis, independent study, or EXCEL Scholars undergraduate research programs