20 Lafayette FS Community Members contribute to the Marquis Players 2013 Presents of Curtains!

Curtains with Curtain Color_0 Showtimes:
Friday, April 12th at 8:00 PM
Saturday, April 13th at 2:00 PM
Saturday, April 13th at 8:00 PMIt’s 1959 and the Colonial Theatre in Boston is showing a musical which has been deemed a failure by the public mainly because of its leading lady, Jessica Cranshaw, who can’t sing, dance, or perform in general. To make the situation worse, the leading lady gets murdered right after the show. A police investigation headed by Frank Cioffi (who also has a desire to be in show business) forces the cast and crew to be shut in the theatre until the murderer is found.Who will the murderer go for next? Who in the theatre is the murderer? Can the show go on in the midst of all this craziness? All will be revealed in this Spring’s musical performed by Marquis Players!Tickets are $5 per person.All Ticket Sales and Donations will be given to the following charities:
The Daniel P. O’Neil Memorial Fund
The Sandy Hook Fund
Safe Harbor
Third Street Alliance
Turning Point
The Lehigh Valley Food Bank

Allie Shumeyko – Alpha Phi         Peg Prentice. Business Manager
Chelsea Brill-Alpha Phi                Marjorie Cook. Vice President
Hannah Grover- Alpha Phi           Chorus
Emma Kent-AGD                         Featured  Dancer
Jessica London-AGD                    Featured Dancer
Scarlett Jiminez-AGD                   Featured Dancer
Julia Harris-Tri Delta                   Roberta Wooster. President
Anna Chiumento-Tri Delta          Jane Setler
Anne Bond-Tri Delta                   Rose Cochran
Taylor Dougherty-Tri Delta         Percussion
Taylor Miller-Tri Delta                 Choreographer
Brenna Murphy-Tri Delta             Follow spot operator
Rachel Hamilton-Tri Delta           Vocal Director
Michelle Song-Tri Delta               Follow spot operator
Rachel Herman-Tri Delta             Jessica Cranshaw
Tom Yeager-Phi Kappa Psi          Aaron Fox
Jake Dunsmore-Phi Kappa Psi     Fundraising Chair
Matt Iassogna-Phi Kappa Psi       Stagehand
Evan Gooberman-Phi Kappa Psi  Sound designer
Mike Adamson-Phi Kappa Psi     Stagehand


Marquis Players