MaggieTiedman '14 Alpha Gamma Delta ~ Marquis Scholar

MaggieTiedman ’14 Alpha Gamma Delta ~ Marquis Scholar

Marquis Scholarships

Lafayette recognizes its most outstanding applicants with Marquis Scholarships. The award is named after the Marquis de Lafayette, who left behind the safety of his aristocratic life in France to fight for the cause of freedom in the American colonies. He made new connections, discovered a new world, and made a major difference in the future of millions. This is a fitting name for Lafayette College’s highest academic scholarship. The College looks for students creatively engaged in the life of their communities and who, like the College’s namesake, have “made a difference” through significant accomplishments in school and community.

FS Community
Tracy McFarlan ’13 Alpha Gamma Delta
Megan Young ’13 Alpha Gamma Delta
Anna Salvatore ’13 Alpha Gamma Delta
Lily Yengle ’13 Alpha Gamma Delta
Hannah Komar ’13 Alpha Gamma Delta
Monica Scisorek ’13 Alpha Gamma Delta
Jessica London ’13 Alpha Gamma Delta
Corine Coburn ’14 Alpha Gamma Delta
Stephanie Kass ’14 Alpha Gamma Delta
Maggie Tiedeman ’14 Alpha Gamma Delta
Rose Wiley ’14 Alpha Gamma Delta
Maura Schussel ’15 Alpha Gamma Delta
Rachel Leister ’15 Alpha Gamma Delta
Jane Kuntz ’15 Alpha Phi
Elise Meade ’15 Alpha Phi
Lara Ruggerio ’15 Alpha Phi
Kristen Allison ’14 Alpha Phi
Kelley Harris ’14 Alpha Phi
Lauryn Harris ’14 Alpha Phi
Devon Palermo ’14 Alpha Phi
Tatiana Logan ’13 Delta Delta Delta
Jasmine Jay ’14 Delta Delta Delta
Brenna Murphy ’14 Delta Delta Delta
Julie Wersebe ’14 Delta Delta Delta
Stephanie Petersen ’14 Delta Delta Delta
Julia Campbell ’15 Delta Delta Delta
Devon Gorbey ’15 Delta Delta Delta
Anne Kaplan ’15 Delta Delta Delta
Becca LaRosa ’15 Delta Delta Delta
Michelle Song ’15 Delta Delta Delta
Colleen Way ’15 Delta Delta Delta
Elliot Fitzsimmons ’15 Kappa Kappa Gamma
Madeleine O’Neill ’15 Kappa Kappa Gamma
Emily Wool ’15 Kappa Kappa Gamma
Emily Mulford ’15 Kappa Kappa Gamma
Daniela DeStefano ’15 Delta Gamma
Isabel Logpez ’15 Delta Gamma
Lexy Cassola ’14 Delta Gamma
Caroline Vail ’13 Delta Gamma
Dena Inqui ’13 Delta Gamma
Kenneth Briotte ’13 Delta Upsilon
Zachary Gold ’13 Delta Upsilon
Paul Hadzewycz ’13 Delta Upsilon
Greg Troutman ’13 Delta Upsilon
Kevin Eherts ’14 Delta Upsilon
Joey Tumulty ’14 Delta Upsilon
Brandon Yaunch ’14 Delta Upsilon
Patrick Pozzi ’15 Phi Kappa Psi
Kai Bastos ’15 Phi Kappa Psi
Nate Diaz ’15 Phi Kappa Psi
Kevin McHugh ’15 Phi Kappa Psi
Tyler Fruneaux ’15 Phi Kappa Psi
Jason Wittmer ’14 Phi Kappa Psi
Sean Grim ’14 Phi Kappa Psi
Joey Donatoni ’14 Phi Kappa Psi
Eric Docknevich ’13 Phi Kappa Psi
Mike Adamson ’13 Phi Kappa Psi
Martin Adams ’14 Phi Kappa Psi
Mark Tajzler ’14 Phi Kappa Psi
Lora Urbaniak ’15 Pi Beta Phi