Women’s Fraternity Membership

Delta Gamma – Fall 2021 Recruitment

Panhellenic Formal Recruitment is conducted during the first week of classes during the Fall Semester. Potential New Members (PNM’s) that register for recruitment will attend Orientation to learn about what to expect during the week of recruitment. Throughout the rest of the week, each night, the five sororities will host invitational rounds. Bids will be issued on Sunday afternoon and new members will meet their new sisters for the first time.

Only sophomore-senior women with a 2.6 cumulative GPA who are not on disciplinary probation (Level 1) are eligible for Panhellenic membership. **Please note that each sorority has individual membership requirements and may look at semester grades or other criteria.

Individual Sorority Chapters ~ General Membership Requirements for Lafayette Women’s Fraternities
Alpha Gamma Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma
Alpha Phi Pi Beta Phi
Delta Gamma

Understanding the Mutual Selection Process

Panhellenic membership structure is a mutual selection process, which means that both the potential members and the individual sororities are both making choices. The sororities prioritize which women they want to invite back, just like women are prioritizing which chapters they’d like to go back to each day of formal recruitment. Potential members need to understand that they may not always get invited to the parties they would like to attend. This has many variables based on not only mutual selection but variables that may include:

  1. How many a sorority can invite back each round
  2. Membership requirements: academic/GPA requirements

Unanimous Agreements: Agreements between the 26 NPC member groups that provide for fairness and equality between the groups. Several of these agreements have to do with membership procedures. All Lafayette College chapters must comply with all their national agreements to include the membership process and all the unanimous agreements.

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Want to Join In the Spring?

Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is only offered for chapters who are under Lafayette College’s Campus Total, meaning the maximum allowable size all sorority chapters may be each semester. Sororities offering COB’s will provide information on social media pages regarding events. If you are interested in joining a sorority during the spring semester, please contact fslife@lafayette.edu.